At Octen Consultancy, we provide trainers to help Financial Advisers with the CMFAS and CPD training needs of their representatives.

CPD Training

CMFAS Training

As a result of the Financial Advisers Act, individuals providing financial advice today are required to pass specific Capital Markets and Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) examinations stated under Notice No. FAA-N13. Therefore, if you intend to provide advice on collective investment schemes, a pass in Module 5 (Rules and Regulations for Financial Advisory Services), Module 8 (Collective Investment Schemes) and Module 8A (Collective Investment Schemes II) will be required.

If you are advising on life insurance, you will need to pass Module 5, Module 9 (Life Insurance and Investment-Linked Policies) and Module 9A (Life Insurance and Investment-Linked Policies II). In addition, if you want to advise on health insurance products, you will need to pass the health insurance module.

The training we provide will adequately prepare your candidates for these examination requirements. In addition, all our CMFAS trainings are highly customisable to fit the timeframe required by your company.

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CPD Training

Under Notice No. FAA-N13, Financial Adviser Representatives have to complete 6 core CPD training hours in respect of Ethics or Rules and Regulations, or both. Since 2016, we have been accredited by Singapore College of Insurance (SCI) as a FA-CPD Training Provider for Ethics, Rules and Regulations. Currently, we have 2 training courses accredited by SCI which will satisfy the annual core CPD hours requirement. In addition, we have also helped financial institutions develop their own training for Ethics, Rules and Regulations.

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Why Us?

A key differential for financial institutions in attracting talents has been the provision of quality training. Our belief is that no one should ever suffer from attending a boring and complicated training. That is why we spend extra effort to design our training courses, using real life examples to bring textbook concepts to life.

Our training will help your candidates understand and remember important concepts. We will not only help them pass their examinations but also build a firm foundation for their future learning.

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Since 2010, we have been the preferred training partner for major financial institutions in Singapore. We are confident that regardless of the programmes you choose, we will deliver the results and wow you!

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