Financial Planning Seminars

Since 2010, we have been conducting financial planning seminars for representatives of financial advisers and high net worth clients of major financial institutions in Singapore. The financial planning seminars that we conduct are highly customisable to your needs. Here are some of the topics that we have covered.

financial planning seminars

1) Entry Points for Legacy Planning

Who needs to do legacy planning? What are your high net worth clients looking for? Do you know how to engage your affluent clients for legacy planning? This seminar will uncover the secrets of the affluent and the potential blind spots they face when it comes to legacy planning.

2) Legacy Planning

Your participants will be able to uncover the potential blind spots that they face when it comes to legacy creation and distribution. They will discover the various problems that they may encounter when it comes to legacy planning. At the end of the session, your participants will be empowered with the keys to successful legacy planning for family, as well as for businesses.

3) Protect the Important Things in Life

At different stages of life, our priorities change and so does the way we plan for ourselves and our family. Therefore, it is essential for us to plan ahead, be prepared for the unforeseen and protect what is important. However, financial planning can be a daunting task and the realities may surprise some. This talk explains the key concepts of financial planning and provides practical tips for you and your family.

4) Financial Planning Seminar for a Happy Retirement

Happy retirement does not come naturally, it has to be pursued. Even if retirement is a long way off, the financial decisions we make today will affect our future and the sooner we start preparing, the better off we will be.

Your participants will understand the importance of retirement planning. They will learn how to plan for retirement, understand the various CPF schemes that can help and the key factors to consider when planning for financial security during retirement.

5) Other Financial Planning Seminars

If there are any topics on financial planning that you are keen to engage us for, do contact us to discuss further.


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